Neve Tzedek

 Neve Tzedek was  built in 1887, it was the first Jewish neighborhood outside of the old port city of Jaffa, built as a suburb. Its Oriental architectural style,  narrow streets with boutiques and art galleries, make Neve Tzedek, which means Oasis of Justice,  an oasis in the modern city. Relaxing stroll through the neighborhood “

 is a great way to spend some time. , like many of the smaller side passages is lined with boutiques, galleries, and craft shops. The Suzanne Dellal Center is Tel Aviv’s dance center , interesting gardens, 

 News to  Neve Tzedek

  • HaTachana, Tel Aviv’s Old Railway station is a short stroll from Neve Tzedek on the Mediterranean Coast
  • The neighborhood of Florentin offers one the chance to see a less regenerated version of Neve Tzedek which is now the hottest Tel Aviv nightlife area.

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